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Client: Private individual


A fabulous Art Deco, uber-chic apartment adorned in mid century West Coast Hollywood glamour.

We completely re-designed this very tired but appealing 1930’s flat, tearing down walls and breaking all the boundaries set in distant times past. Conventional rules were fought and broken by using modern techniques to pacify and stem the bureaucratic board steeped in an adversity to change.


We started by inserting a super strong double picture frame steel support into the apartment block’s main structural wall which enabled us to use an existing wet space for the new kitchen prep and washing facilities. This allowed for the kitchen to be moved into the wasted and redundant space that was an anti-reception room, giving the opportunity to turn what was the kitchen into the all important third bedroom, family living was required as well as the glamour of a cool London Pad,

The utilities were moved to the rear of the property which is more convenient for everyone concerned as there is a rear exit for the removal of rubbish and place for extraction!
The entire floor space was re-thought and re-designed to suit the new owner and the family who are not always around, needing the home comforts to make a home from home available when required....


Once the space planning was agreed and the areas defined for use, it was all about the interior design and the finishes used. It really does go without saying that LHD will use the finest quality materials and products available for the set budget in all areas of the build. We wanted to inject an exotic yet colonial and comforting style to the interior especially in the washing and bathing areas, insisting on the installation of a steam room cleverly tucked away within the second shower room..... using influences from all over the world such as the Middle East, Morocco, New Orleans and mid century Hollywood, layering in our special talent and vision for lighting to create a very special living space.

The apartment has a natural curve to the front of the building, which we have echoed in the kitchen and furniture design, using a large block natural oak parquet, steamed and smoked to a light grey hue as the flooring material, this has helped regularise and integrate the different shapes and angles of the walls. No two are the same, or parallel, which made for some very interesting interior fauxes!!!  Yes we faked it.... in many places using lighting and different finishes to make the differences unnoticeable.

We will let the photography really talk to you. What we have created is a beautiful cool superlux interior that will stand the test of time within a cleverly considered time frame, completing within the realistic budget.

We created the dream and made it come true.


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