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Client: Private individual


Our client purchased the apartment after just one viewing - it was all about the view for them. Sadly, the apartment itself was a 'back to brick and basics' project.

The apartment is 1050 sq ft, divided up between 8 rooms; in other words a rabbit warren, and had previously been let out to various individuals. The standard of the interior was dire - bedsit quality.

Upon inspection, it was determined that all of the plaster on the walls and ceilings would need to be removed, the electrics were condemned and the gas would have to be taken out altogether.
LHD employed a local specialist to carry out this early but all-important part of the project. We selected a small multi-taskforce team from our regular tradesmen to carry out the refurbishment, removing all of the walls as needed to improve this space beyond recognition.

Once the initial stage was complete, our structural engineers (a local firm based in Worthing) detailed the structural alterations that were required in order to transform the space. They then produced the calculations and drawings ready for submission to Brighton building control.

Being given a total free rein, but with a tight budget, the guys started reconstructing and creating the transformation. New windows were ordered, sound-resistant sub-flooring was installed, resilient bar ceilings to minimise the noise pollution, and fresh plasterboard and plaster to all walls.

One wall in the reception room was beautifully tiled from floor to ceiling in rich grey metro tiles; alongside the installation of a quirky turn-of-the-century tiled fireplace this instantly made such a difference to the space, instilling character and a focal point to the room. The four windows were lined through then framed with deeper reveals and sills, which made all the difference to the crooked and uneven lines, giving the room a new perspective.

The design and installation of the contemporary kitchen, finished with cobalt blue fronted semi-matt units, cool white glass high level storage, and a 70mm thick rustic oak 'floating' table top. LHD built a modern twist on a Welsh dresser, dividing the kitchen from the lounge area; one side becoming the media centre, the other a smart kitchen store featuring a pair of antique stained glass lit panels above a low level 1960s industrial showcase.
The floors were finished in a 90x90 frame majolica random-set porcelain tile, giving a real piazza vibe. The walls and ceilings were finished in taupe 1 matt paint. Recessed LED lighting to all areas kept our footprint to a minimum, and above the rustic oak table two large stainless industrial warehouse lights hang, giving a very cool finished result!

The wet shower rooms are very contemporary in design, combining extremely modern fittings with a retro designed deep grey wall tile adorned with a fifties liquid motif. All painted surfaces are in mid grey, the mix with the frame floor tile is a very successful combination indeed.

All floors are heated from beneath and controlled from each room which gives an extremely comfortable feeling of warmth when engaged. The bedrooms are all well appointed with good storage and closet space, the floors are covered in New England beachy style wide loop carpet.

As you enter the apartment, turning the nickel plated door handle, you are greeted with the sea! The view down the hall looks straight out of three reception windows, which have a direct view of the sea. Separating the apartment from the beach is the green Devonshire square. The apartment certainly has one of Brighton's finest views, which did not exist prior to LHDs involvement; we highlighted the apartments finest attributes then turned them into the main focal points. LHD have finished the apartment in typical flavour - modern retro styling, the use of 1920s polished stainless spot stood on an elm tripod, highlighting the 1960s with a brutal wall sculpture in copper, seating from the seventies: Ercol gloss white with orange upholstery and the vintage leather Chesterfield, and finally a nod to the 1950s with a converted pinball machine coffee table, which really is is the star of the show...

The walls have been adorned with artwork from local artists Val Fawbert and Pete McKee.

Needless to say this project was somewhat of a departure for LHD, being out of our neighbourhood. The client was very pleased with the end result, finishing under time and on budget.
The result is just fabulous......


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