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Client: Private individual


Total remodel of an urban home with basement and roof extension

London Heritage Design receives their main source of business though referrals and existing clients either moving home or acquiring a new property! This particular project was for an existing client who we had worked for in the previous year.


We inspected the property together and discussed their vision. The property was a small and cramped three-bedroom house with a very tight solid spiral staircase rising up through the building providing access to the upper two levels. We talked over their ideas regarding the second floor (a timber construction), and how they thought we could turn this very ordinary and cramped three bed, into a luxurious three bedroom, three bathroom with a kitchen/dining basement and double-aspect reception on the ground floor, including full comfort air conditioning.

With our in-house architect, we set about redesigning each floor in detail and thinking how the client would live in each space. Once we had the basic layout, a planning application was quickly submitted. Works needed to be started prior to planning being granted if we were to stand a chance of finishing the project in a timely fashion.

LHD started works in every area whilst excavating the basement; this process takes time as it needs to be methodical in its execution. We have seen this process go badly wrong in the past with catastrophic results, due to poor planning and rushed execution. Our structural engineers are always on hand should we require confirmation or clarification of any details.


We anticipated that the most important element of this project would be the staircase rising through the heart of the property to allow convenient access to the new floor layouts from the lower ground to the very top. This gave our clients a sense of open space and contemporary luxury. This, paired with LHD's use of steel, oak, glass and stainless, and keeping the tread and risers generous, gave a real sense of elegance both visually and during use...

Once planning was given, the top floor construction could begin incorporating a small terrace and a glazed area, allowing light to flow through and onto the staircase below!

The master suite took on an interesting shape and form, allowing the roof shape and mansard to show through to the internal aspects giving the feeling of immense space and freedom.

To the basement, where the family will spend their family time: eating, sharing and conversing on all of the news. Getting the basement to this level of finish was no mean feat, but LHD are qualified within the field of basement excavation and water proofing, using the various techniques available, and then bringing that forward to the finished product meant that we have all aspects covered.


From the top to the lower ground this project was a true example of what can be done using both imagination and common sense; making use of every last little nook and cranny! This is a project that we are all proud of, and a tribute to the fact that working with your client is key as the photos will show...




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